Environmental Policy

San Antonio Beach is committed to minimize the impact of its operations on the environment. At San Antonio Beach we have realized how important it is to protect our environment, which constitutes our everyday "heaven".
Thus, all policies established, aim at improving the hotel’s environmental performance by reducing pollution, emissions and waste.


  • The hotel is resembling a traditional village and it is harmoniously integrated into the island’s natural environment.
  • The complex is spread across a verdurous environment of 4500m2, where a great variety of local plants and flowers add freshness to the microclimate and allow rainwater to reach the soil.

Guest Rooms

  • Double (opening) glass doors.
  • Energy efficient light bulbs installed.
  • Cotton towels & linens for bathroom and bedroom use.
  • Guests are encouraged to re-use towels.
  • Hot and cold water pipe insulation.
  • Single lever mixers in bathrooms.
  • Solar collectors are used in heating water.

Public Areas

  • Energy efficient light bulbs in most public areas.
  • Sensors and timers are used to turn off lights in public areas.
  • Use of  bio fertilizers in the gardens.
  • Use of gas stoves in kitchens.
  • Waste separation into plastic, paper, glass, organic.
  • Battery recycling.
  • Liquid soap dispenser in public area toilets.
  • Recycling of packaging materials and paper goods.
  • Consumption of local ingredients in food preparation.
  • Producing our own organic products (olive oil, grapes, tsipouro, wine, vinegar).


Environmental protection is not an easy affair but we aim to become as much environmentally friendly “green” as we can.
We care a lot about protecting the environment. We recognize the importance of protecting the environment and we actively participate by improving our hotel’s environmental performance.

Our guests can also actively participate in the environmental protection during their stay.

An essential condition for cozy and pleasant vacations is the respect for natural sources and also the protection of the local ecosystem.

You can also contribute to the environmental protection:

  • Always turn off the light and several electric supplies before you leave the room.
  • Turn on air conditioning after closing windows and french windows.
  • Re-use towels and ask for replacement only if necessary.
  • Do not waste water. Make reasonable use.
  • Do not throw garbage in the sea and waterside.
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