Thassos is an ideal place to enjoy any type of sports and several activities. Those who love nature can enjoy excursions with mountain bikes, hiking, climbing, hunting, fishing, marine sports and diving. The morphology and the natural beauty of the island are ideal for activities close to the nature. San Antonio Beach can organize for its guests any activity they wish to fulfill, easy, in no time and inexpensively.

Agritourism Activities
San Antonio Beach tsiDuring September and October, our guests can participate in vine or tsipouro harvest, if they wish to. They can also participate in the olive oil harvest during November.

Scuba Diving
The mild climate, the relatively high water temperature, the serene, crystal clear sea water of South Thassos, as well as the rich submarine flora and fauna of the area create the ideal conditions for someone who is close to the area to undertake organized diving. Close to San Antonio Beach there is a diving centre certified by PADI.

Windsurfing – Marine Sports
San Antonio Beach Water SportsThe region of Saint Antonios is ideal for someone to undertake windsurfing and waterskiing. The local weather is ideal for windsurfing and marine sports because of the minimal undulation and strong, steady winds. A marine sports centre is located close to San Antonio Beach.


By doing snorkeling one can relax by enjoying the rich submarine flora and fauna, as well as the stony synthesis at the bottom of the sea.
It is recommended that you find some time, during your excursion to the beach in order to go snorkeling for few hours, usually by swimming across the waterside. There is no need to mention that areas with rocky sea bottom and relative depth ranging from six to ten feet, do offer a wonderful submarine scene.

San Antonio Beach Water SportsThassos offers unlimited opportunities for those who love riding. Ride horseback and enjoy the charm of nature. The horses are suitable for beginners as well as for experienced riders.


Thassos invites everyone to discover its paths through hiking! The cobbled and dirt roads, once the only way of connecting settlements are still in use. Walk around in order to discover the small traditional villages in the area and see nature from another aspect.

Mountain biking
Our guests can enjoy mountain biking in the beautiful paths of Potos and Theologos region. They can do mountain biking either alone by renting a bike or by joining an organized mountain bike excursion.
The annual mountain bike Balkan competition is carried out with great success, the first three days of May at Saint Antonios, with attendants from all Balkan countries.

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